This new trailer for Nintendo's NFC figurines shows how awesome (and cheesy) things can get when everyone brings an amiibo to the fight.

Along with the Super Fantastic 50 Facts About Super Smash Bros for Wii U presentation (note: actual title may vary) comes a new trailer for Nintendo's new figurine line, amiibo (the lowercase "a" is how they prefer it to be spelled, we're not trying to lessen it). All this new video needs is Sylvester Stallone shouting about how nothing is over and we're ready to call it "Rocky VII: Super Smash Toys."

The trailer shows a foursome of friends playing Super Smash Bros, but only three are using the amiibo figurines. The fourth player runs out to get one, buys a Mario figure in the hopes of pairing with the girl using the Peach figurine, and gets home to see his Mario needs some serious leveling up. After a brief montage of playing Smash upside down on a chair (cue 'Eye of the Tiger'), his Mario figure is ready to put a hurting on his friends and their figure fighters.

Melodrama aside, we like this approach to showing off how amiibo is going to work with Smash Bros. We can see this exact scenario playing out: four friends playing together with their figurines in some 8-player Smash craziness. It's a clever way to mix a major new feature from Smash with the next big Nintendo product line. Sometimes you just have to show people how things work, and this trailer does a great job of it. Special kudos to the actress playing the bored mom at the game store, she nailed that role. She is also known for playing the role of the bored mom who bought the same game for her kid twice across two consoles.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U, along with the first series of amiibo figures, launches on November 21.