In space, no one can hear you push DLC.

Creative Assembly has announced that Alien: Isolation's Salvage Mode DLC is going live today for all versions of the Xenomorph-filled game. This is the third major add-on content pack for Isolation, which focuses on the Sevastopol's only safe room. You have a limited number of supplies and must venture into the darker areas of the space station, finish jobs and return back to the safe room. You get to play as Hughes on the Salvage Mode map, which is nearly two times bigger than any of the other Survivor Mode maps. Hughes can use the EMP Mine, Shotgun and Bolt Gun. He also has the choice of exploring the Bacchus Apartments or the Gemini Systems. Salvage Mode has you trying to survive ten different challenges without getting obliterated by an android or murdered by a Xenomorph. With only one life to live, you must plan accordingly and strictly adhere to stealth.

This DLC also comes with a bonus of Marathon Mode, which lets you play Survivor Mode's challenge maps in any order. Don't forget, Alien: Isolation's Season Pass will save you up to 25 percent as opposed to buying all five add-on packs separately.