My, how we love our femme fatales here at Arcade Sushi. And when we think of dangerous, mysterious women, Resident Evil's Ada Wong is always one of the first figures to come up in the slideshows of our minds. Her sleek look and clandestine ways are what make her a prime candidate for Cosplay of the Day.

Ada's a corporate spy who was sent to infiltrate Umbrella and find out its darkest of secrets. She's been present throughout a bulk of the series, starting all the way back in Raccoon City incident. She's a fan favorite and continues to be one of the coolest female characters in gaming, especially because she packs a lot of style while kicking a lot of ass.

This is PrincessRiN0a, an Italian cosplayer who has recreated Ada's look perfectly. Even though she mainly cosplays Rinoa, it's cool to see her tackle a different character and give it as much love as her main cosplay character. Everything from the dress, the hair, and the sultry poses channels Ada Wong's sexy and mysterious aura.

See more of her mindblowing cosplay work, a lot of which includes Final Fantasy characters, on deviantART.

Alessio Buzi
Noriyuki Works
Noriyuki Works
Noriyuki Works

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