Abyss Attack submerges you to the bottom of the ocean, where a mysterious and deadly world awaits. As with any underwater adventure, the perils of the deep is also blessed with treasures to be found, but if you're going for any kind of philosophical treatise on the complexities of marine life, you're barking up the wrong app. What you see is what you get with Abyss Attack, but maybe skimming below the surface isn't needed, especially if everything looks so darn beautiful.

Your voyage doesn't even require an obligatory tutorial to keep you up to speed, as you move your craft with the sliding of any of your chosen fingers. Your main guns automatically fire from the ship, and that's one mode of fighting you won't need to worry about. Power ups, which enables tesla shocks, blades, and missiles to blast creatures, are available to grab during your travels, and bombs can also be used by pressing an icon located at the right hand side of your device. This weapon diversity helps gamers from getting battle weary, but more importantly if you refuse to grab these additions, using the simple guns from your ship will only get you so far.

Also keeping things fresh is a red haired adventurer who occasionally comments during your fights and also keeps track of your various achievements. There is no wasted second in Abyss Attack, as the developers are thankfully giving gamers the best bang for their buck.

Even with the power ups, there are certain sections which are just hard to survive, and you have the option to spend the gems you've accrued to keep the game going. If you die once again and run out of gems, you can either go for an in-app purchase or just restart your journey.

Most titles, once restarted, will place you in the same scenario, placing you in Groundhog Day nightmare until you finally overcome your obstacles. Abyss Attack may place you in the same area once you're forced back to square one, but by changing the color and sometimes even the physical makeup of the creatures, players are given a subtle enough change to keep them engaged in their mission.

With all the sumptuous, 3D visuals and eye popping colors featured in Abyss Attack, the slightest variations make a world of difference. It's always an intriguing experience to see what kind of surreal and arresting image will grace my iPad in the middle of all that gunfire and treasure hunting. It's been a truly hypnotic experience delving into such an immersive environment, and now I can actually be called a seaman after easily beating a sun streaked boss.

On the surface, it may exist as a nice little ocean shooter surrounded with beautiful pictures, but after compulsively playing this app for over an hour, I was still entranced by this enchanting world. It's hard to describe the seductive power of Abyss Attack's visual design, but its deep waters can only be eclipsed by the breadth of one's imagination.


App Store Link: Abyss Attack for iPhone & iPad | By Chillingo Ltd. | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0 | 48.6MB | Rating: 9+

8.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating