One thing we've loved doing over the years is game on the go. With the iPhone and Android, we've been able to play video games whenever and wherever we want. But gaming while being stuck in the car on a road trip with the folks didn't start with Apple's devices. Nintendo has been the king of portable devices for decades. To celebrate all they've done for us addicted video game junkies, let's look at a Visual History of Nintendo Portables.

Game & Watch (1980)

Game Boy (1989)

Game Boy Light - Japan Only (1998)

Game Boy Color (1998)

 Game Boy Advance (2001)

Game Boy Advance SP (2003)

Nintendo DS (2004)

Game Boy Micro (2005)

Nintendo DS Lite (2006)

Nintendo DSi (2009)

 Nintendo DSi XL (2010)

Nintendo 3DS (2011)

Nintendo 3DS XL (2012)

Nintendo Eye Boy Super 4Dx (2030) *wild guess*