As with many recent releases, Halo: The Master Chief Collection had a rough start. The latest update doesn't look like its faring much better, either.

Matchmaking woes have been plaguing 343 Industries' first-person shooter since launch, but it's now putting out an update that should at least marginally help. In a post on Halo's Blog, the developer announced all the updates that will be hitting Halo: The Master Chief Collection and also updated us on the future of Halo 5. To begin with, a new update to HTMCC will be focusing mainly on matchmaking search time, match search success and lobby/party functionality. These three things are three of the main issues that HTMCC released with and by putting out the biggest change to the matchmaking system yet, they're thinking that they will hopefully solve it. However, there's still a chance they may turn it into a beta to make sure that everything is fully tested.

There will also be a playlist update which will include featured playlists, updates to existing playlists and much more. The team is looking to release Team Doubles as well as an objective-only playlist for players' enjoyment.

Finally, the team announced that there is a blog being worked on that will bring together all of the improvements that the team has been making to the upcoming installment to the series through the feedback that the community has given. It will detail the changes from the beta and give players a look into the upcoming fifth proper Halo title.

It seems for now we will just have to wait for these updates and wait patiently for February when the multiplayer update will go into effect.

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