All you professional killtacular Spartans out there finally have an official eSports arena.

With Halo: The Master Chief Collection about to be released, 343 Industries has announced its first ever Halo Championship Series, bringing Spartan multiplayer to the world of eSports.The Halo Championship Series will be 343 Industries' official league that will help celebrate Halo's longtime competitive legacy while proving its legitimacy as an eSport. Spectators, longtime fans and pro players are all a part of Halo's competitive scene and we're glad to see Halo get the shine it deserves when it comes to professional gameplay and coverage. 343 Industries will be teaming up with ESL, Twitch and other tournament scene organizers to create a series of high-stakes events.

Since Halo: The Master Chief Collection features all four main Halo games, 343 Industries has chosen Halo 2: Anniversary to be the default arena for the Championship Series, but that doesn't mean this format is set in stone.

The Championship Series' first season will run until March 2015 focusing on 4v4 matches in both online and in-person LAN events. Make sure you keep up with Halo Waypoint for all your updates for the Halo Championship Series.