While it's pretty much impossible to score the original PSOne-themed PlayStation 4 console without breaking bank, its controller will soon be widely available.

Nerdist reports that Sony's 20th anniversary edition DualShock 4 will soon be available at major retailers. Only 12,300 PS4 consoles were made with this special PSOne theme back in Dec. 2014. As you would expect, they were sold out in seconds and are being resold for astronomically high prices. While it's pretty tough to get one of these rare consoles without spending a college tuition amount of money on them, Sony will be mass producing its DualShock 4 controller, and they're already up for pre-order (why couldn't they just do that for the entire console then?).

Amazon has started taking pre-orders for the PSOne-themed DualShock 4 and it's a good $15 higher than the average PS4 controller price. The controller doesn't feature any new bells or whistles, but it does have the classic PlayStation grey color  scheme with the brand's original logo on the Home Button. We should note that there was a PlayStation button symbol pattern in the rare version's touchpad that appears to be absent in this version of the controller. Nevertheless, it looks awesome and it's probably still going to be a highly sought after collectors piece down the line, so wipe your greasy fingers before you start putting your paws all over it.

The PSOne-themed DualShock 4 is currently priced at $64.99 and has a listed launch date of Sept. 30