We understand your love for gaming. We really do. But sometimes your love for electronic entertainment can cause you to do crazy and irrational things. Like getting a really ugly tattoo of your favorite game or character. Take a look at some of the Worst Video Game Tattoos Ever.

Oh, that's a Metroid Tattoo? Yeesh.

Lvl Up? No thanks.


Change that name to Silent Hell.

Might wanna wear a turtleneck to your next job interview.

More like Dum Dum Dum.

Which button calls your imaginary girlfriend?

Could be worse. It could be a Rise of the Robots tattoo.


Does he throw his own hand against the wall when he can't beat a level?

Even Crash Bandicoot can't believe how bad this is.


 His chest wasn't wide enough to fit in a Stupid meter.

What is the point of... know what? Not even gonna bother asking.

Great, now we hate classic arcade games. Thanks a lot, fella.

This makes sense to us. (It doesn't.)

What's the code for facepalming?

Yeesh. Ms. Pac-Man has obviously seen better days.

So this is what it feels like to hate art.

Super Terrible Land. These tattoos can't get any worse than this, can they?

Ok, we're done.