Indie studio, Versus Evil, has announced Kyn, the mobile version of The Banner Saga and a new title based on 'Afro Samurai' are all on the way.

Everyone's favorite samurai voiced by Samuel L. Jackson is back in an all-new game being published by Versus Evil. The studio announced that is is working on a game called Kyn and a mobile version of The Banner Saga. It is also planning on releasing an improved version of its Dragons and Titans MOBA for PC and its upcoming Habitat is due for Steam's Early Access program.

The Afro Samurai sequel is being developed by Redacted Studios and is planned for a release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It's going to be a third-person action adventure title with an all-new story. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive word as to whether or not Samuel L. Jackson will return to voice the iconic anime character.

Kyn is an role-playing, strategy game for PC inspired by Viking mythology. No launch windows have been announced for either Kym or Afro Samurai, but expect Habitat to come to Steam's Early Access program on July 8 and The Banner Saga to come to mobile devices later this summer.