Despite being stuck in development hell for a few years, Team Ninja has confirmed that it is still working on the samurai action game, Ni-Oh.

In an interview with Venture Beat, Team Ninja's longtime Dead or Alive series producer, Yosuke Hayashi, confirmed that the studio is still working on Ni-Oh. Ni-Oh is Team Ninja's history-based action-RPG that was announced by Koei as a PS3 title over 10 years ago (before Koei merged with Tecmo). This past summer, Koei Tecmo filed a US trademark for the game. While not much is known about Ni-Oh yet (we still haven't seen any real footage of it), the game will follow a blonde, half-Japanese samurai throughout 16th century Japan. He'll most likely get the gaijin treatment from everybody else who isn't blonde.

"I have heard rumors that it’s been stopped, but it’s actually very much in development. We still need a little time before showing it off, but it is starting to come together and feel good," Hayashi said. "You should definitely keep an eye out for it in the future."

With the downfall of the Tenchu and Onimusha series, there has been a vacant opening for a proper action series set in Feudal Japan (Dynasty Warriors doesn't count). We hope to see more of Ni-Oh once Team Ninja is ready.