WB Montreal

Batman: Arkham Origins Review
Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham games have been celebrated for finally giving gamers the one thing that eluded them for years: a good Batman game. After the success of Arkham City, Rocksteady moved on to other projects, leaving WB Montreal to take up the mantle. Instead of trying to solve the puzzle of …
NYCC 13: Batman: Arkham Origins - Troy Baker Interview
Warner Bros. Interactive had a fairly large presence at New York Comic Con this year, what with more than a handful of new superhero-themed games coming out over the next few weeks. To help hype up Batman: Arkham Origins even more, the publisher brought out the big guns in Troy Baker and Roger Craig…
Arkham Origins May Have Multiplayer
After two successful solo stories in the Arkham universe, rumors have surfaced indicating this year's third entry, Batman: Arkham Origins, may include a villainous multiplayer component.