NYCC 13: Thief Preview
We've always been taught to fear what lurks in shadows. Bereft of light, the dangers concealed within the shade could be terrifying. We never know what hides in the black because it might be something we don't want to confront. In the comfort of light, you're safe. But what if you were that terror i…
Sneaky Cosplay
We've got another gender-bending crossplay for you today, folks. Let's peek into the shadows and check out Garrett, star of the upcoming stealth game, Thief.
Thief Screenshots!
The upcoming Eidos Montreal game, Thief, is full of mystery as it is of promise. But one thing we don't have to wonder about is whether or not the game will look pretty, thanks to a few new screenshots.
Thief is Coming
One of the most awaited and rumored sequels of the past few years is finally official, as Eidos Montreal reveals Thief is coming to next generation systems.