PAX South 2017: Beat Cop Preview
This pixelated point-and-click adventure from Pixel Crow and 11-bit Studios had us diving into the gritty city as a police officer and making tough calls to solve (or even survive) a twisted conspiracy.
PAX South 2017: Ruiner Hands-on Preview
RUINER is a melee/shooter action game from Reikon Games very much in the same vein of control as Hotline Miami with a 3D isometric view, light-RPG elements and cyberpunk twist, and at PAX South, we got an early taste of what RUINER has to offer.
10 Awesome Gifts for the PC Players in Your Life
We PC players can be a fickle bunch, but it’s all out of expecting the best of the best on arguably the most versatile of platforms out there. That said, there’s plenty of good offerings to choose from when looking for that perfect stocking stuffer for the PC player i…
The Sims 4: City Living Review
While previous attempts to simulate city life were certainly fun, City Living surpasses them all by making the new locale of San Myshuno feel alive, bustling, and connected.
Owlboy Review
From its robust art to its meaningful character progression, we fail to remember a game that has ever delivered a package of goods so beautiful and complete as Owlboy has done.
Hide and Shriek Review
While Hide and Shriek is a jump-scare ridden game with a simple premise, there’s enough here to give it some depth beneath its holiday charm.

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