iOS Game Reviews

Agent, Run! Review
Agent, Run! is 2D endless runner which has gamers playing a James Bond type agent who's attempting to take down an evil professor and his minions.
Twisty Hollow Review
Twisty Hollow is a puzzle game that's inspired by creating items that will feed or satisfy the denizens and animals of this strange town. You're in charge of keeping the neighborhood from self-imploding, and for a spell it's actually fun being the town's puppet master.
Super Glyph Quest Review
Super Glyph Quest has gamers playing a magus who wants to bring a bit of magic back in the world. An RPG and puzzle hybrid, it's an adventure that may keep you hooked for hours.
Hail to the King: Deathbat Review
At first glance, Hail to the King might appear to be nothing but catered fan service to the dead-icated masses who follow Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates and the rest of the crew as most other celebrity-associated games have done in the past.
Asphalt Overdrive Review
Asphalt Overdrive is a racing game with a ton of speed from the get go, and for a spell this title gets by on pure adrenaline. Whether it has legs after a few miles on the street is another story.
Light in the Dark Review
Light in the Dark is a physics puzzler which takes every possible angle to unlock its mysteries, and if you're patient enough, you may find what you're looking for just around the corner.

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