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NYCC 14: Life is Strange Preview
Life is Strange is following in the Telltale mold of adventure games, but this new spin offers plenty of flexibility in how each and every player will come to the conclusions of the five episodes
TGBB: (No) Hope for the Future
No one really knows what the future holds, but for generations, science fiction authors the world over have been trying to give their own interpretations. While every single vision of what the future holds comes from a different mind, there are many similarities that are easy to spot. One of the big…
Remember Me Review

Memory is fragile. Who you are is essentially a collection of experiences coded and cataloged in your cranium for cross reference later. Your essence, your soul, is housed somewhere in your synapses. Without your memories you are no longer you. Just a hulking mass of animal instinct no different tha…
Unforgettable Trailer
In a bit of a spoiler-filled trailer, Dontnod has decided to focus on the enemies protagonist Nilin will have to overcome in Remember Me.
Remember Me Heroine A Sticking Point For Publishers
Remember Me traces the journey of Nilin, a woman who has the ability to change a person's memories. Set in futuristic Paris, Nilin searches for her own lost memory, battling her share of villains in the process. With such an intriguing premise, some publishers actually hesitated at having a wom…