Ryse: Son of Rome Review

Crytek is known for pushing PC gaming to the limits with their Crysis series, so hearing that they would be headlining an exclusive launch title for the Xbox One left us very excited to see how they would handle the next gen hardware. We couldn't wait to see how Crytek would push the Xbox One hardwa…
Time to Ryse
The next Xbox is set to be announced at a special event in May, but news about Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360 still keeps coming out. The news involves the game Ryse and a new Forza title being part of the next console's launch title list.
CryENGINE 3 Video!
Crytek, the creators of visually-stunning giants like Crysis 3, showed off their CryENGINE 3 at GDC in a demo reel featuring tons of titles from different licensees.
Crysis 3 Success?
In a recent interview with Gamasutra, the founder of Crytek, Cevat Yerli called Crysis 3 "so far, our masterpiece."

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