Contrast Review
At this point “art games” have become the butt of several jokes. Gamers have taken the piss out of these games for having incredibly basic art and gameplay that is obfuscated under the pretension of deeply symbolic story. It’s easy to dismiss these gamers as childish and immature, but there is some …
Contrast Trailer: Shadow Play
Big time AAA launch titles aren't the only games bolstering the PlayStation 4 launch line-up. Unique indie titles like Contrast will be making their debut on Friday, too.
Driveclub Officially Delayed to 2014
On Friday, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the rumors of Driveclub's delay. The racer will now officially miss the PlayStation 4's launch, but Sony has plans to make it up to launch console customers.
E3 2013 Preview: Contrast
One of the newly announced indie titles at E3 2013 was Contrast, a simple platformer with an incredible emotional weight. While everyone else was shooting terrorists or slashing away at demons, I was experiencing one of the most incredible artistic expressions ever seen in a platformer video game.