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Chroma Squad Review
In Chroma Squad, you’re tasked with running a fledgling TV show that’s heavily inspired by Power Rangers, Kamen Rider and the like. Everything from cast salary and studio expenses to costumes and marketing are your responsibility.
Knights +1
True to its namesake, the mobile role-playing game Knights of Pen & Paper from Behold Studios puts you in the robe of dungeon master, letting you control players in a classic RPG setting. Because of all the traditional RPG fans that have been turned on to the experience and want more, the game is getting an update!
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Knights of Pen & Paper is an enjoyable retro-style RPG that is sure to please pixelheads everywhere. The game is inspired by the classic RPG titles of the 1990s, while at the same time making you feel like you're playing a traditional pen and paper fantasy game.