6.0 out of 10 Review

Hohokum Review
I've tinkered with you now for an extended period of time and I still feel like I know nothing about you, and that's a problem.
Firefall Review
There have been epic role-playing games, gentle social games, and even first-person shooters. Developer Red 5 Studios decided to throw its hat into the MMO ring with Firefall, an MMOFPSRPG with a long acronym and an even longer list of problems.
Tales of the Adventure Company Review
Tales of the Adventure Company might stir some nostalgic yearnings on first glance, but be forewarned, heroic gamer, that beneath its veneer of 8-bit adventures beats the blackest heart imaginable: the heart of mediocrity.
Nutjitsu Review
Nutjitsu looks, plays and feels like it was designed as a quick-and-dirty port, without any form of optimization done to differentiate it from its original version.
The Elder Scrolls ONline Review
Being able to play The Elder Scrolls with your friends may sound like a match made in Sovngarde, but, after playing a bit, you might just end up wishing for the sweet release of Oblivion.
9 Elefants Review (IOS)
9 Elefants is a puzzle game that takes place in 1920s Paris. An innovative professor has vanished, and it's up to his daughter Laura to solve the mystery of his disappearance.

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