3.0 out of 10 Review

Dangerous Golf Review
Destruction is fun. A few years ago, we were remodeling the upstairs bathroom and I spent a few hours with a sledgehammer busting wall tiles and tearing a ceiling down. It was cathartic and wonderful. Games do a good job of replicating this same sense of satisfaction whether it’s launching a …
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Review
Just when you thought there was nothing else that could be done to ruin the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise even more than its previous incarnations, all it took was a Big Red Button.
Big Win Racing Review
Do you like video games, but you're tired of all the pesky gameplay, production values, and fun? Well, then, check out Big Win Racing, an app from Hothead Games which strips away all that to leave you with a Nascar-flavored virtual slot machine that's hungry for your money and offers you n…
Madden NFL 25 Review
Just in time for the August and September rushes of fantasy football drafts, Electronic Arts has released Madden NFL 25 for the iOS format. NFL 25 allows you to build your own squad of gridiron gods from a roster consisting of over 1,500 actual players, and have them bash heads on both the single-pl…
Flower Town: A Practical 3DS StreetPass Game Review
A few weeks ago, Nintendo released four new StreetPass games for the 3DS. Unfortunately, it’s hard to reliably find StreetPass tags even when living in a densely populated area. Luckily, there is a way to guarantee StreetPass hits: conventions! Arcade Sushi recently took our 3DSes to Otakon to see h…
X-Rainbow Review
X-Rainbow is a new puzzle game from Ludimate that tasks you with freeing up the colors of the rainbow which have somehow been frozen into blocks by the evil Dr. Darko. Is this puzzler as vibrant as the rainbow? Or does it have us feeling dull and grey?
Great Battles Medieval Review
Building from their Conquest! Medieval Realms and Battle Academy iOS titles, Slitherine Ltd., alongside The History Channel, has released Great Battles Medieval on the App Store with the intent to depict the Hundred Years War. Players get to control both the French and the English as each side fight…
All Glory Review
Some games make great use of the retro, pixelated look. And then some games use it as a gimmick without having any real substance to back up the stylized simplicity. Into which camp does Stephen O'Gorman's All Glory to the Pixel King fall?
Dark Avenger Review
Dark Avenger by Gamevil feels like a half-baked hack-and-slash dungeon crawler game. It doesn't seem like it had enough time to be fully developed since a lot of features are "coming soon," and there are glitches throughout the game. It could use a lot more baking time before …

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