Super Glyph Quest has gamers playing a magus who wants to bring a bit of magic back in the world. An RPG and puzzle hybrid, it's an adventure that may keep you hooked for hours.

The original Glyph Quest was free to play, and for a reasonable $2.99 download, gamers will enter an immersive world that just doesn't let up in this “super” version. Though the gameplay, which requires matching three of the same elemental glyphs to cast your spell, is easy to pick up, the ability to travel to different lands and slay a multitude of beasts gives this app a high level of playability. If RPGs are embedded in your DNA, then Super Glyph Quest will have you entertained for a lengthy spell, but if you're mainly interested in the puzzle-match aspect of the title, it's also a seamless pick-up-and-play experience. One gets the best of both worlds with Super Glyph Quest, making it a more than wise three dollar investment.

Alexander Trowers

Gamers can choose the gender of their respective magus, a flawed person who wants to cast more powerful spells but in doing so unleashes even more evil into the world. The game's main objective is to travel the lands and obliterate all the fighters, bandits, and beasts that cross your path. Each completed mission earns you currency that you can spend for health and position potions. At the end of your battles, various materials and ingredients are also collected as part of your treasures. Once you save up enough coin and have the right materials, you can also craft new costumes and weaponry.

The combat is turn-based, and your spell is determined by the type of glyphs you decide to match. To match the glyphs, you simply touch the screen and slide your finger over similarly-colored glyphs. If your finger matches up the dark colored blue glyphs, a water spell is dished out against the adversary. The red glyphs will bring out fire spells, and the green ones can summon up earth-bound spells. Certain circles on your screen won't have an elemental color but instead will be signified by three swords. When matched, these swords usually produce a slashing spell.

Alexander Trowers

Though the gameplay may seem simplistic, Super Glyph Quest brings a refreshing dimension to the fights. Some of your combatants, while directly striking at you with their own specialized attacks, can also harm your glyphs. While matching glyphs to create a spell, one of them may have been poisoned by a toad, and although you will deal damage when that spell is unleashed, you will also sustain injury thanks to the damaged glyph.

The biggest strategy behind the fights is figuring out how much damage you want to inflict upon yourself when casting such imperfect spells. When you're faced with more than one adversary, chances are you'll need a few health potions to win the battle once you level up to the more advanced stages. Going into each of your fights takes a bit of thought and strategy, and it's this aspect which makes Super Glyph Quest a cut above the average turn-based combat experience.

Alexander Trowers

Although the game doesn't overwhelm players with bright, eye catching colors that occasionally befit the fantasy genre, the visuals eventually drew me in the further I progressed on the journey. Having a subtle and even somewhat muted visual palette actually works well within the Super Glyph Quest's universe, as the game holds a subtle and gradual seductive power. Part of this seduction originates from the game's melodic and dreamy score which serves as the perfect backdrop to the magus' adventure.

Dialogue should be an afterthought in a puzzler, but there's also a bit of a story behind Super Glyph Quest. Some gamers may just want head off to combat and immediately kill everything in sight, but what's an RPG without a few epic discussions?

Alexander Trowers

Super Glyph Quest has a foot in both the puzzle and role playing game worlds and delivers on both fronts. Matching a bunch of same colored objects in a row is all fine and dandy, but when you throw in an epic storyline into the mix, anything can happen. With a few spells and potions at your disposal, magic and mayhem is just around the corner.

This review is based on a downloaded copy of Super Glyph Quest for iOS.

App Store Link: Super Glyph Quest for iPhone and iPad | By Alexander Trowers I Price: $2.99 | Version: 1.01 | 74.2 MB| Rating 9+

8.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating