Watch over five minutes of gameplay footage from the Battle of Hoth in this stellar multiplayer gameplay footage for Star Wars Battlefront. 

EA's E3 2015 gameplay footage of Star Wars Battlefront is absolutely astonishing. You're able to partake in massive multiplayer battles of 40 vs. 40 with a ton of AI-controlled characters throughout the stage. We get to see the Battle of Hoth reenacted with such epic brilliance and astounding details. If you're on the side of the Rebel Alliance, you must do everything you can to stop the Empire from reaching the base's Shield Generator, which will make the Rebellion's compounds susceptible to bombardment from the massive Star Destroyers looming in the skies above. If you're playing on the Empire's side, you must rally together the Snowtroopers, AT-AT and AT-ST walkers to pass the Rebels and blow up the generator. It's crazy seeing so many iconic Star Wars vehicles moving all over the place. Let the TIE Fighter flying across the battlefield clue you in as to how varied these fights can be. There are a ton of mini-objectives that will speed up the Empire or Rebel Alliance's victory, so there's always something to do and someone to shoot at. As expected, a Hoth battle wouldn't be complete without a Snowspeeder sequence. November can't come quickly enough.

Star Wars Battlefront will launch on Nov. 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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