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    Marth's Forward Smash

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Forward Smash. Forward Smash? Forward Smash! Marth’s overhand sword swing is almost synonymous with “Forward Smash” in Smash Bros. Melee. While every character has a forward smash of some sort, Marth’s was one of the most powerful in the game. Not only could he combo into it and use it as a magnificent ledge guarding move, but if he hit with the very end of his sword the attack would be way more powerful than normal. The range and speed of this move allowed him to combo his opponents from 0 to death, something few other characters could do. Not only that, but decent pro gamers have won entire matches doing nothing but blocking, dodging, and throwing this move.

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    Voldo's Crab Walk

    Soul Calibur

    Voldo’s Crab Walk, from Soul Calibur, is a move that has gained notoriety simply because video game players are immature. The move causes him to get on his hands and knees in a bridge position and then … thrust his hips into the air ... over, and over, and over again. Yeeeeeah. So it’s pretty easy to see why people love this move so much, but few actually realize it has utility. It makes Voldo very mobile and gives him access to quick lows and ublockables. Also … hip thrusting.

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    The Real Soviet Damage Tager Buster


    The Mighty Mike_Z put this move on the map when he did a video tutorial for Blazblue’s grappler, Tager. Unlike many of the other soft spoken pro players that assisted Aksys with making tutorials, Mike_Z did his entire tutorial in a hilariously bad Russian accent. “The A Button Tager Buster ... deals only weak American damage. The B Button Tager Buster … does REAL SOVIET DAMAGE!” The Real Soviet Damage meme has stuck with Mike_Z ever since, even on to his new job as lead designer on Skullgirls. In fact, one of Skullgirls’s upcoming voice packs will feature Mike_Z himself as the Real Soviet Announcer!

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    Sol Badguy's Dust

    Guilty Gear

    Sol Badguy, from Guilty Gear, had a lot of iconic moves. “Gun Flame!’ “Volcanic Viper!” But, by far, his most iconic move was his Aerial Dust. Why? Because of the Dust Loop of course. This combo allowed him to land several Aerial Dusts over and over again, juggling the opponent over and over and dealing a significant amount of damage. It was one of Sol’s best tools, and it’s become so iconic that strategy websites are named after it. When you were able to execute a Dustloop, then you were ready to enter a high level of Guilty Gear play.

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    The Nut Punch

    Mortal Kombat

    Johnny Cage is so badass, he does a split specifically for the reason of punching you in the balls. Honestly, do we have to go any further into why this move is so well known? The Nut Punch has shown up in every Mortal Kombat game, movie, animated series, Youtube video, parody, and more. It’s also one of the only examples of video game nut shots that we have, which is honestly a little surprising.

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    Hyper Sentinel Force

    Marvel vs. Capcom 2

    Hyper Sentinel Force (also known as Hyper Saltinel Force or Hyper Sodium Force by Marvel vs. Capcom 2 players) was an overpowered super move used by, who else, Sentinel. The move called three waves of three mini-Sentinels to smash into the enemy head first. Not only did it do an absolutely ludicrous amount of damage, but Sentinel couldn’t be knocked out of it. The Sentinel drones would come out anyway, even if you scored a lucky hit (make that two hits because Sentinel had permanent hyper armor.) Not only that, but the move had crazy frame advantage, allowing you to link multiple supers together at once! This move could let you win games through chip damage alone.

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    "Get Over Here!"

    Mortal Kombat

    Scorpion’s spear move is another one of those fighting games moves that was more well known for its sound effects than its utility. Hearing a digitized, “Get over here!” or “Come here!” meant that there was a Mortal Kombat cabinet somewhere in the vicinity. Cheap fighters would spam this move from a distance, pulling you close to them, and then knocking you away again with an uppercut. It was one of the first and easiest to execute combos in fighting game history.

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    Chun Li's Lightning Legs

    Street Fighter II

    Chun-Li’s Lightning Legs are another iconic move from the Street Fighter series, not because of their flashiness or their utility, but simply because they were a special move you were able to do. When other newbies first picked up Street Fighter and struggled with learning quarter circles, dragon punches, and charge moves, you simply hopped right in and mashed away at the kick button till Chun-Li’s legs were sore. For many of us, this was one of the first special moves we ever executed.

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    Terry Bogard's Buster Wolf

    Art of Fighting

    Terry Bogard, from the Art of Fighting/King of Fighters series, is really known for two things: his awesome trucker cap and his hilarious quotes, and none of his quotes are more head scratching than this one. The Buster Wolf is a straight forward two hitting super that is generally used at the end of combos. However, it earned its notoriety by Terry’s question of “Are you okay?” before ramming this attack into your face. This attack is so popular that is has spawned an entire series of Terry Bogard internet memes, including an entire reshoot of the famous one shot fight scene from The Protector, with Terry’s dialogue spliced in.

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    The Electric Wind God Fist


    The Electric Wind God Fist is a special version of the wind god fist uppercut that the Mishima family has in the Tekken series. By pressing the attack button at the very same instant that you enter the motion for this move, your character’s arm would become enveloped in electricity and the move would gain special properties. To this day, even in the most recent Tekken releases, the EWGF is one of the most important moves in any Mishima character’s repertoire, serving as the basis of all of their juggle combos and one of the most notable reversals in the Tekken franchise.