They say love makes the world go round, but when that world is inspired by the apocalyptic Fallout series, creativity ensues. As reported by Polygon, a redditor created a Monopoly board game inspired by the franchise to celebrate his wife's birthday.

The mastermind behind the operation, whose moniker is XsimonbelmontX, posted pictures of his accomplishment on reddit, and it truly is a sight to behold. Along with the game board are Nuka Cola bottle caps that function as currency, property deeds for such Fallout areas as Megaton, Freeside and, of course, Vault 101.

"It is based on Monopoly," said the husband, whose wife is a Fallout enthusiast. "But aside from purchasing properties, collecting rent, and a few other things, the mechanics of the game are completely different."

With a reasonable budget of $180, the project took eight months to finish. This isn't the first time Monolopy has been given a gaming makeover. If you love Westerns, check out the pictures for Red Dead Redemption Monopoly Edition.