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No. 66: Aya Cosplay- Hottest Cosplay Girls
Rikku is classic Japanese role-playing game character who has enjoyed immense popularity and has made appearances across different games. It's only natural we'd see her cosplayed on this list.
And taking up the mantle of Rikku is Aya Cosplay from France...
No. 63: Kristen Hughey – Hottest Cosplay Girls
Black Cat is another character who's made the jump from comics to the world of video games. Felicia Harding continues to be one of geekdom's most treasured sex symbols and we don't think we'll get sick of her anytime soon.
Kristen Hughey has poured herself into Black Cat's sk…
No. 62: Lola in Progress – Hottest Cosplay Girls
Princess Velvet from Odin Sphere has a very unique look that we think transfers well to real life. The ethereal qualities of her outfit don't seem to diminish in the 3D realm, which is something all cosplays should be thankful for.
Here is Lola in Progress as Velvet, toting around her large crys…
No. 61: Yonor – Hottest Cosplay Girls
Hatsune Miku is one of the world's most beloved virtual idols. She's taken to stages, comics, and has even starred in her own video games. Who are we to deny her star power and not feature her on this list?
Singaporean cosplayer Yonor is seen here as Hatsune Miku in a swimsuit, staring drea…
No. 57: Masubi – Hottest Cosplay Girls
Mortal Kombat's Skarlet is a blood-fueled brawler modeled after fan favorites like Kitana and Mileena. She's one of the newest characters to the series, but she's definitely a welcome addition.
Masubi dons Skarlet's crimson outfit so well that she almost embodies the character...

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