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No. 86: Eko – Hottest Cosplay Girls
Eko is a cosplayer from Taiwan who has come up with some pretty elaborate costumes that are inspired from a number of sources from anime, video games and more.
This outfit you see before you is a female version of Sol Badguy, one of the recurring characters in the Guilty Gear fighting game series...
No. 84: ZerinaX – Hottest Cosplay Girls
ZerinaX is a masterful cosplayer who's won awards at BlizzCon for her fantastic work on a few cosplays inspired by Blizzard games such as Diablo 3.
Though she's known for cosplaying Blizzard characters, this outfit is Battle Bunny Riven, from the popular multiplayer online battle arena game…
No. 83: Ruby – Hottest Cosplay Girls
Here's Ruby, a cosplayer from Hong Kong who's got an extensive list of costumes under her belt. It just so happens that, in this costume, she's not wearing a belt.
The character in question is Menace, a character from a popular combat book game called Queen's Blade...
No. 80: Priestess Shizuka – Hottest Cosplay Girls
This lady has a sleek, lithe frame that's just right for cosplaying Kaine, a character from Nier. The scantily-clad Kaine favors ultra-feminine clothing, which definitely won't elicit any complaints from us.
This is Priestess Shizuka, a fantastic cosplayer with a pretty extensive list of fi…

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