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10 Laziest Pokemon Names
With 650 little monsters in the ever growing ranks of Pokemon, it would only stand to reason that a few of their names would be lacking in the originality department. It doesn’t seem to be too difficult to name the little guys. But sometimes, you gotta get lazy when it comes to doing just that.
Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrums
Gamers can be a fickle bunch. We’re passionate about our hobby. We love it. That’s why you get shouting matches over Xbox Live and pelvic thrusting taunts in Uncharted 3 Mulitplayer. When we do well, we want to shout it loud into the nearest microphone. But, some of us aren’t very graceful at losing or keeping our hobby under control. Hence this list of the Funniest Video Game Temper Tantrums.
10 Worst Angry Birds Snacks
We know when we're hungry the first thing we want to do is head home, open the fridge, and chow down on food that looks like a bird. Don't get us wrong, the 10 Worst Angry Birds Snacks doesn't mean that they won't be good to eat. But it does mean you're kind of a weirdo for making them in the first place.
Angry Birds: Not As Fun In Real Life
Hitchcock wasn't kidding around when he made a movie about birds who attack people. Especially when you make them angry. Unlike the game Angry Birds, they're not going to line up and slingshot into your house, they're going to attack you with their claws and talons...
10 Terrible Angry Birds Items
10 Terrible Angry Birds Items aren't that difficult to find. You can't walk into a department or grocery store without tripping over something that has Angry Birds on it. The popular franchise has been a huge money maker for Rovio Entertainment, raking in just over $100 million in revenue alone for 2011...

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