Dungeon Crawler Games

The Weaponographist Review
In the case of The Weaponographist, you’re not going to find anything overtly new or innovative, but rather a combination of smaller mechanics working in tandem to form a solid but familiar experience.
Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review
Mix two servings of Chunsoft's Mystery Dungeon series with a heaping helping of Atlus' Etrian Odyssey series and you get Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a dungeon crawler offering deep dungeons and shallow gameplay.
PAX East 15: Severed Preview
It's unfair to call Severed a departure for the studio, since all three of its games thus far have been rather diverse, but Severed definitely feels different. That's probably because it relies almost exclusively on touch controls.
Hand of Fate Review
As Hand of Fate's unnamed protagonist, you're pitted against the enigmatic Dealer in a game of chance and skill, with the stakes being your life and freedom.

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