During Sony's E3 press briefing, a trailer for Abzu from Giant Squid was previewed.

The game is reminiscent of Journey, the critically-acclaimed experience also from Giant Squid. While very little details of the game were revealed, the setting for the gameplay appears to take place underwater.

If it's anything like Journey, then we should expect to see beautiful visuals and music, as well as a unique game experience. Just take a look at the video to see how depth perception (probably not a pun), is used in the gameplay. Since underwater worlds are fairly alien, it's safe to assume that we'll feel like we're in another world when we play Abzu.

The official website for Abzu is at http://www.abzugame.com. We'll provide more info on Abzu when Giant Squid reveals more information. For now, fall in love with the trailer.

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