Zero Suit Samus, Shiek, Charizard, Yoshi and Greninja Join Super Smash Bros


The roster for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. grew just a little bit today with the announcement of five new and returning characters for the Wii U and 3DS title.

No longer will Samus' final smash destroy her suit. Instead, Zero Suit Samus will be an entirely separate character with a whole new move set and abilities. To compensate for her weakened state, she'll be given a pair of Jet Boots to give her more attack and recovery ability.

Like Zero Suit Samus, Shiek will get a character slot entirely separate from Zelda. Shiek will have a few new special attacks, including burst grenades and bouncing fish. The move to make these two different from their original counterparts is so each character will only have one specific move set for players to focus on.

As many expected, Yoshi is back this time, too. He'll be slightly different in SSB, as he'll now be standing upright. He'll be more powerful in this state, but hopefully this new and improved Yoshi won't be too overpowered.

At the very end of Tuesday's event, Nintendo also revealed Charizard and Greninja would be playable characters. While Greninja is the evolved form of Froakie from Pokemon X and Y, Charizard will actually have a final evolution into Mega Charizard X as a move. At least, that's the way it looked from the brief teaser. Charizard also won't have the Pokemon trainer by his side either. Neither character was given more than a cursory glance during the Nintendo Direct.

Super Smash Bros. is due out on the Wii U this winter, and on the 3DS this summer.

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