Zer0 is quite possibly the most mysterious Vault Hunter in Borderlands 2. This enigmatic figure is an assassin who dresses up like some kind of robotic ninja, which is the perfect look for our Cosplay of the Day feature.

This assassin came to Pandora in search of a challenge, since his skills are way too good to be wasted on common hits and political assassinations. Because he's always masked, no one knows what he truly looks like. He also only seems to have four fingers on each hand, which might indicate that he's not even human. The coolest part about Zer0 is that his faceplate shows different emoticons, depending on what he's doing. Who needs a face when you can do that? Also, he speaks in haikus, which is immensely badass.

This is Piperonni, a cosplayer from the United States, who has chosen to dress up as the strange assassin. Piperonni's actually a woman, making this one of the cooler gender-bending cosplays we've seen. And, given Zer0's mysterious nature, you probably would have never known it was a woman under that awesome suit.

Check out more of Piperonni's work on her shared account with her fiance on deviantART. Let us know what you think of this cosplaying couple and their awesome Borderlands 2 outfits.

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