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Konovalchuk Eduard/Nintendo

It's no secret that we love Zelda and all of her incarnations here on Arcade Sushi. With that said, it's about time we feature another version of Zelda from a classic game. Let's welcome Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker!

Wind Waker's version of the Hyrulian princess is actually incognito for most of the game. In fact, you meet her as a spunky pirate girl named Tetra. Later on, it is revealed that she's a direct descendant of Zelda and is truly a princess. And while Tetra is a cool, we do enjoy seeing the different iterations of Zelda and her signature outfit.

This is Haruhi-tyan, a Russian cosplayer who has faithfully recreated Zelda's Wind Waker outfit. She even managed to get that funky, blocky belt looking good. And the icing on the cake is the necklace with those gigantic beads. We certainly couldn't rock that look, so we appreciate anyone who can.

Come check out her other cosplay on her deviantART page and be awed at her recreation of classic characters such as Belle, Victoria Seras, and Velma.

Konovalchuk Eduard
Konovalchuk Eduard
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Souru Photo
Souru Photo

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