Turbine continued the character spotlights for its upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis, this time offering a look at the mistress of mystical arts, Zatanna.

Announced earlier this year, Infinite Crisis is a new multiplayer online battle arena featuring a wide cast from the DC Comics universe. Developed by Turbine, the game stars various incarnations of heroes and villains from both current and classic stories. Each super-powered protagonist has set of abilities unique to his/her incarnation, which will help differentiate multiple versions of Batman or Wonder Woman sure to appear in the final game.

With this new character spotlight trailer, Turbine gives us a look at what Zatanna brings to the table. She's a ranged character with a handful of support and attack spells. Many of her powers will likely make players who prefer to stand behind the front lines make frequent use of Zatanna, but it's her ability to turn foes into rabbits that should endear her to many fans.

Check out the video below for a better look at Zatanna's library of incantations, and let us know which Infinite Crisis character you hope to see spotlighted next.