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The weekend is so close that we can almost taste its relaxing goodness. As we look back over the week in preparation for some rest and relaxation, why don't we also take a peek at the past of one of our favorite video game franchises? With that said, let's check out Zack Fair, from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, in the Cosplay of the Day.

Zack Fair was Cloud Strife's best friend and the one who gave him the iconic Buster Sword. He loved serving in SOLDIER and wanted to follow in Sephiroth's footsteps and make it to 1st Class. There were also some romantic sparks between him and Aeris Gainsborough, before she ever met Cloud or sold flowers. In fact, it was because of Zack she wore her famous pink bow.

This is Aoki, a Russian cosplayer from the Lifestream cosplay team. He looks so much like Zack in the photos shown below, that it's tough to discern whether or not he's an in-game render. His SOLDIER uniform is on point and he looks ready to fight for Shinra at any moment.

See more of his cosplay work, which includes characters from other video games like Devil May Cry, on his deviantART.


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