Tales of Vesperia's Estelle didn't stand a chance against Yuna, who now is one step closer to the Arcade Sushi Cosplay Hall of Fame. But she goes up against another Japanese role-playing game legend today as Xenosaga's KOS-MOS steps into the fray.

Myrionette's Yuna is looking like a very strong opponent as she ekes out another win in the Cosplay Clash. The pretty, young summoner turned singer is undoubtedly one of the most popular Final Fantasy characters, but does she have enough fans to keep her streak alive?

Yuriko's KOS-MOS is no stranger to fame, since she's pretty much the face of the whole Xenosaga series. Her popularity isn't letting up either, since she'll be starring in the upcoming crossover game, Project X Zone.

It’s up to you to decide who will win this Cosplay Clash between these two colossal figures of JRPGs! Voting closes on May 6th 10AM PST.

Rules of Cosplay Clash:

Fans can vote once per hour for their favorite cosplayer. If a cosplayer remains the reigning champ for seven straight matches, they are retired to the Arcade Sushi Cosplay Hall of Fame. With so many great cosplayers out there, we have to give other cosplayers a chance.

Jack Liu