By now, we're sure a majority of you have beaten BioShock Infinite and, in some way or another, have fallen in love with Liz, your in-game companion. And though you might be used to seeing her in her signature blue outfit with short hair, we like to think that pre-haircut Liz is a prime candidate for Cosplay of the Day as well.

"Young Liz" is the nickname for this version of Elizabeth, even though she's basically just Liz without the haircut. Perhaps the "young" part just signifies the look she had when she was still naive and unaware of the troubles plaguing Columbia. We like the nice, clean look that this version of Liz portrays and we miss seeing her spinning around, dancing on the boardwalk.

Angela Bermudez has taken some concept art of Young Liz and made into a very fashionable outfit that represents Columbia's aesthetics and Liz's innocence perfectly. She's even got a little Songbird plushie in tow, although this guardian might not be as menacing as the game's version. All she's missing now is the power to open up Tears to other worlds, which is a shame since we want her to step through one to hang out with us.

See more of her fantastic cosplay and artwork on deviantART, then let us know what you think of this version of the Lamb of Columbia.

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