Xiao Lon (KOF Maximum Impact Regulation "A") - Cosplay of the Day

Ryszard Redfur/SNK

Today we have a very flowery cosplay that masks a dangerous individual underneath. Say hello to Xiao Lon from King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation "A" in the Cosplay of the Day. 

Xiao Lon is a substitute for her step-brother, the King of Fighters series' Duo Lon. She's also an assassin with a poisoned body, though she finds no pleasure in her work. Xiao Lon has a lot of skills that take advantage of her poisoned body, such as a kiss that drains her opponents life until the end of a match. And within her sleeves are hidden weapons, making this beauty a dangerous flower indeed.

Here is Hurrma, a Russian cosplayer who has faithfully recreated Xiao Lon's outfit. The purple hues seem to represent Xiao Lon's poison, while the flowing parts of her costume and the flowers show us that the character is kind and delicate, though she's a poisonous assassin. This is one remarkably accurate cosplay that deserves as much praise as it can get.

See more of Hurrma's work on deviantART and let us know which cosplay of hers you enjoyed the most.

Roman Yudaev
Ryszard Redfur
Ryszard Redfur
Ryszard Redfur

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