Get your Microsoft Points ready everyone, there's going to be a big sale on Xbox Live starting on March 26th.

Unfortunately, as of Wednesday all of the sales are being kept top secret. The sale will encompass a wide variety of platforms on XBL, including Games on Demand, downloadable content, XBLA games, and even movies. Each of the categories has five different mystery slots, with all the games due to be discounted through April 2nd.

The last big sale (the Xbox Live Mega Sale) was just a few weeks ago, but Microsoft is clearly keen on keeping players on Xbox Live coming back for more. The sales during that event were pretty impressive, and Microsoft is claiming some titles in the Spring Sale will see prices cut by up to 75 percent.

March has already been a crazy month for games, but we'll be sure to keep an eye on what's on sale to see if Microsoft can make this month even better.