The award-winning series that has been around since 1995 is finally making its next-gen debut with Worms: Battlegrounds.

Team17 Software has just announced the launch date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Worms: Battlegrounds. This new Worms title features 25 single-player story missions, 10 time attack missions and online multiplayer deathmatches supporting up to 4 players. Battlegrounds will run at 60 fps with a 1080p display. There are over 65 weapons with 10 of them being completely new to the Worms series, such as the Gravedigger, Winged Monkey, Bovine Blitz and Teleport Gun.

Worms Battlegrounds will be available in both physical and digital forms on May 30. Since its Xbox One release is being released under the ID@Xbox program, Worms Battlegrounds will be available digitally for Xbox One first on May 30. The PlayStation 4 digital version of Battlegrounds can be downloaded starting on June 3.