Just in case you couldn't get enough of the shower-hungry hero of Where's My Water?, Disney is going to be debuting Swampy's subterranean antics in "Swampy's Underground Adventures". Fans of good hygiene and awesome physics-based mobile games rejoice!

You'll be able to follow some of the beloved alligator's goofy antics on the web during a 12 episode run every week on Disney.com and YouTube, before the Disney Channel starts airing it in November. Hopefully all of the exposure will help him further win the hearts and minds of mobile game aficionados.

The launch officially starts on October 20th, when Disney Stores across the US will air the show and hold "Where's My Water?"- themed events complete with prizes and activities. Bring out your mobile devices and play the game while you wait to win a Swampy plushie!

Swampy's first episode features him finding a fire extinguisher that shoots out of his showerhead. He looks at the label and mistakes it for a jetpack. Well, you can probably guess what will happen next, and it's pretty hilarious. Maybe they'll incorporate some of his misadventures in a future game? How about, Where's My Water? meets some Jetpack Joyride action? You're welcome, Disney Mobile.

We wonder what other kinds of messes he'll get into, given his phobia of germs. We just hope that whatever happens, he doesn't end up pacing around his own private theater, muttering about milk while surrounded by mason jars. Catch the first episode below!