Lucky Frame, the UK-based developers of games such as Bad Hotel and Pugs Luv Beats, are going to grace the App Store once again with another strange game. It promises shooting, flying, phat beats, and the chance to design your own levels. What else will this kooky shooter include?

Wave Trip is an adventure set in a geometric world where players will take on the role of a ... triangular, monocloptic ... thing, that is out to save its friends. The design is a bit reminiscent of the Patapon series for PSP, another rhythm game that featured unique-looking geometric creatures, if they were transformed into musical shooters.

The game will have two-button controls that players can master to weave through obstacles and shoot down enemies. There's even a level-editor where you can craft musical masterpieces and send them out into the world.

Check out some of the screens below and watch the teaser trailer to get a feel for this weird, upcoming shooter.