This new trailer for Watch Dogs introduces us to all of the secondary characters that are going to prove to be vital parts of Aidan's adventures.

Ubisoft has given us a character-filled trailer for Watch Dogs which lets us know what the game's supporting cast is going to look and sound like. First, say hello to Clara Lille, a DeadSec hacktivist who has a legit, formal job as a tattoo artist. Sure, she looks almost exactly like Jack from Mass Effect 3, especially with that hairstyle we classify as the "Gozer-mullet," but Clara is going to prove to be a vital asset to Aidan's escapades. "T-Bone" Grady, who will help Aidan on the street-level with guns and explosives, looks to be a solid partner to trust.

Watch Dogs gets its 'Old Boy' on in the form of Jordi Chin, a hitman who shows Aidan how to properly dispose of people on a professional level and also provides him with some unique weaponry, such as sticky bombs. Anthony "Iraq" Wade acts as Pierce's frenemy as he both advises the young hacker and has all of his men surround him with guns, threatening him throughout the trailer. Lastly, "Lucky" Quinn is a 75-year-old philanthropist who actually controls most of the criminal muscle in the city of Chicago and openly exchanges with Aidan during the last piece of the trailer.

We can't wait to see what all of these crazy characters do when Watch Dogs is released on May 27 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, we still have yet to have a final release date set for the Wii U version of the game.