Hope you haven't hit Metal Gear Solid 5 overload, as these new screenshots provide a closer look at The Phantom Pain.

On Wednesday, Hideo Kojima took to the stage at GDC to reveal Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for the first time. We've already gotten a lengthy debut trailer and some gameplay footage, so it's about time we got some new screenshots of the sequel as well.

Mostly taken from the announcement footage, these screenshots give us a better idea of just how powerful the new Fox Engine is, and get us up close and personal with Snake's new look. There are some other shots of what could be the game's antagonists, but everything about Phantom Pain is very ambiguous and vague right now, so it's tough to nail down just who is on which side.

Who are the Diamond Dogs? Who's that lady in the gas mask? Why is that horse on fire? Check out the images below, and let us know if you can figure out some answers.