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Usagi Yuu/Nintendo

Honestly, you'd think that we'd have more gijinka in our Cosplay of the Day features, but we don't. So let's remedy that by diving into a cute little gijinka cosplay inspired by the Pokemon, Vaporeon!

As most Pokemaniacs will know, Vaporeon is one of the evolved forms that Eevee can take when exposed to a Water Stone. The result is an aquatic animal that seems like the cross between a dog, a rabbit, and -- a dolphin, we guess. Eevee's many evolutionary forms are very popular, so it's no surprise that we'd see cosplayers crafting gijinka out of them. What is gijinka, you might ask? Well, it's simply the anthropomorphic representation of an animal-like character through clothing.

And that's exactly what Usagi Yuu, an Argentinian cosplayer, has done with her beach-combing Vaporeon outfit. She's got the fin-like ears and the horn to represent Vaporeon's most distinguishable features and a long, flowing dress to give the illusion of a tail, or perhaps to symbolize the Pokemon's habitat. If we saw her coming out of the tall grass, you can bet we'd scream, "We choose you!!"

Speaking of choosing, you should make the choice to visit her deviantART and take a look at all of her other cosplay work! She's got a pretty fetching Alice in Wonderland cosplay that needs to be seen!

Usagi Yuu
Usagi Yuu
Usagi Yuu
Usagi Yuu
Usagi Yuu
Usagi Yuu
Roxas Yuu

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