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We've featured Valentine before, but we came across this cosplayer who brings the cosplay to a whole new level. Let's check out Skullgirls' blue-haired nurse, Valentine!

You know her as the nurse named Valentine who was born on Christmas, but this fighter is also the last surviving member of an Anti-Skullgirl Lab group called the Last Hope. She's an incredibly tall woman, which serves to make her a more imposing figure, no matter how beautiful she is. We'd love to see Valentine's bedside manner, but her bonesaw makes us think otherwise.

Here's Lady-Vudu-Doll, a cosplayer from Spain, all dressed up as the fighting nurse. We're very impressing by her hair and how it seemingly defies gravity. She's even put in red contact lenses, just to complete the look. This is one serious cosplay that impresses on many levels!

Check out more of her cosplay work on deviantART and then let us know if you'd want this nurse to tend to your wounds. Of course, she'd probably be the one that caused them in the first place.

Jesús Clares
Jesús Clares
Jesús Clares

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