Zombies. Is there anything they can't do? Apparently not, as far as developer CGMatic and publisher Bulkypix are concerned, because they are ready to unleash their new free-to-play game Undead Soccer upon the world, blazing a new trail ahead for the zombie sports genre.

In the recently released teaser trailer, the hooligan hero of Undead Soccer gets sent off after a hard foul, only to discover moments later that everyone has turned into a soccer playing zombie! Looks like that penchant for violence will come in handy (or footie, rather), big time.

Unlike other zombie killing games out there, you don't have any boomsticks or chainsaws to defend yourself with. Just your soccer hooligan skills and a never-ending supply of footballs!

The gameplay looks to be mostly centered around flicking balls at the approaching undead, trying to keep them at bay. There will be options to charge up the balls with super-powers as well, as evidenced by the appearance of a lightning and ice ball. While those are both instant red cards in normal games, this is life or death! But mostly death.

Look for Undead Soccer to hit the App Store this week! And check out the great trailer below: