A proper Mario figure is something Nintendo fans have been waiting to own for quite some time. Previous attempts have been average at best, even though there have been plastic Marios populating toy stores for decades. Enter Bandai's S.H. Figuarts, and what could be the best Mario action figure ever made.

Mario was given so much real estate at the Tamashii Nations booth, it almost appeared that he was the only figure Bandai brought to Toy Fair. A massive display featured Mario and the two different playsets being offered alongside the collectible. There were coins, blocks, pipes and Goombas everywhere. While you won't need all the components to enjoy the figure, a proper collector (read: us and probably everyone reading this) is going to want to add at least one of the playsets to craft a proper diorama for Mario to play in. Mario himself will be available this summer for $24.99, with each of the playsets going for $19.99 a piece.

Though it would have been easy to miss any of the other video game figures at the booth, we did manage to discover two more licenses sure to make fans happy. Batman will be getting a Figuarts toy based on his appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us. The prototype on display didn't show many accessories, but the poseability was definitely there. It'd be a shame if Batman was the only character from Injustice to get a figure, but it will also have been a while since Injustice came out when this figure arrives. Still, we'd be glad to add this Batman to our collection should it come stateside.

An all-new Naruto made his debut at Toy Fair as well. The painted prototype showed off a range of accessories and poses akin to what fans should expect from the ninja. It's a solid figure, and though we're not necessarily the biggest Naruto fans in the world, this guy will definitely appeal to longtime and avid fans of the games, manga and anime.