Fans of Tomb Raider have probably conquered the game many times over by now, meaning that they most likely have some favorite moments from Lara's initial adventure. It turns out that the developers at Crystal Dynamics also have their own favorite moments and have compiled them all into one handy video. As always, if you haven't totally run through the whole game yet, beware of SPOILERS AHEAD.

Game director Daniel Bisson counts down the top 10 moments of the game, as chosen by the team from Crystal Dynamics. The moments range from the very beginning of the adventure when Lara is symbolically reborn by bursting out from the earth and starting a new life of survival on Yamatai Island, and then going all the way up to the very end of the adventure in which Lara climbs up a burning ziggurat.

A lot of the moments chosen by the team stand out as defining moments for Lara and can often be seen as tests for our heroine. Look through the video below and let us know if have different ideas for the best moments in Tomb Raider.