How many Tomb Raider screenshots do you have? Because now you have LOTS!

The Tomb Raider blog opened the floodgates and a sea of screenshots came pouring out. There's still a long wait until the game's release on March 5th, 2013, but updates like this are what fans need to keep the the Tomb Raider anxiety goblins at bay.

The screens feature our heroine Lara Craft in a number of adventurous situations, not unlike the exploits in previous iterations. The difference is that this game tells the story of Lara's origin, so we don't see a seasoned gun-toting archaeologist zipping down ropes and shooting bad guys.

Instead, we see young a woman doing her best to survive in an unfamiliar world and under incredible circumstances. Check out the screens below and let us know if you're pumped for this Raider reboot! We think Lara might look a little too chill in the one screenshot in which a wolf is just gnawing on her leg, but it's probably just her adrenaline giving her a hand.